We want to let you know that we are monitoring the upcoming storm closely, and our crews are prepared to begin working this evening. Should you have any questions at any time during the storm, feel free to contact Karen Bradley at kbradley@cmc-management.com. There will no parking on the southern tip of the horseshoe. Please refer to this map (.PDF).

With this information you may now understand what will take place and when and you can plan accordingly. Streets, common sidewalks, lead walks, driveways and stoops will all be cleared and where necessary treated.

Word of caution to those owners wanting to spread chemicals themselves: Never use salt on concrete. The chemical reaction of concrete and salt will result in the concrete flaking and chipping. This kind of damage is very recognizable in the industry and can result in loss of warranty. Please be cautious if you are buying or have bought any snow/ice melting chemicals.