In order to help maintain the value of the community’s homes and to keep Symphony Park in a neat, orderly and appealing condition, the HOA Board of Directors assumes the responsibility for painting the exteriors of homes in accordance with this schedule:

  1. The Board of Directors will assume the responsibility of painting the exterior of Residential Units. All exterior painting will be paid for out of the HOA’s Reserve Fund and the Board shall ensure that the Reserve Fund is adequately funded to subsidize the cost of painting.
  2. Exterior painting shall be performed at least once every five (5) years. Prior to the commencement of any painting, the Board shall prepare a painting schedule and shall notify the community, or the particular owners involved, of the proposed painting schedule at least three (3) weeks in advance of the painting. Owners shall make appropriate preparations to protect any exterior items prior to the commencement of the painting.
  3. Owners should not paint the exterior of their Residential Units themselves under any circumstances, unless for minor repairs, unless they first obtain the express written permission of the HOA Board of Directors. Owners continue to have an obligation to keep the exterior of their Residential Units in a clean and orderly condition.

Each home in the community has a specific exterior paint color. Only Sherwin Williams paints can be used. All exterior paint finishes should be semi-gloss. Railings should be painted either semi or high-gloss. To find out the specific paint scheme for your home, please contact CMC’s Karen Bradley at or 301-692-1700.