Trash is collected by on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Your collection day may slide during weeks with holidays. You can sign up for holiday announcements from the county’s division of solid waste services to be notified of changes.


  • Please do not put out your trash until the evening before collection and not earlier than 6 p.m. on the day prior to collection. Except on days of collection or after 6 p.m. on days prior to collection, all trash, garbage and recycling containers must be kept in your garage.
  • County law requires trash to be put in sealed, solid containers (like rubber trash cans). Using paper or plastic grocery bags, lightweight leaf bags, and the like, invites wild animals to tear into the trash.
  • Bulk pick-ups of large items must be arranged with Unity Disposal & Recycling separately.
  • Please pick up any debris spilled or left near your home; it will deter rodents and other pests from frequenting the area.
  • All yard waste is to be recycled with Montgomery County. Yard waste must be placed in large paper bags that can be purchased at a grocery or hardware store. They cannot take any construction debris or liquids.
  • Scrap metal is also recycled with Montgomery County. For more information, including how to schedule a pick up, use this link.


If you are in need of a blue recycling container, you can complete the Blue Bin Order Form from the division of solid waste services.

The county currently collects: newspaper (including supplements), sizes one and two plastic bottles (cleaned, without caps), clean aluminum foil and tin cans and lids, all glass jars (cleaned, without caps).

The Montgomery County website offers valuable information concerning recycling and drop-off services, and can be accessed using this link.